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About Us

Mission Statement

LaughAndPlayOutdoors are committed to bringing to families around Australia a well rounded package of fun and healthy lifestyle ideas to grow our kids, our future, into strong, balanced teens, having all the building blocks internally and externally in place so they can think and create for themselves.  Outdoor play is an important part of kids growth.  For that reason, we focus on these outdoor play products. We offer:

  • Huge selection of outdoor play toys
  • Outdoor play is made fun with our outdoor play products
  • Help your ENERGETIC kids discover fun outdoor play

LaughAndPlayOutdoors is all about having fun and playing outdoors, and while your kids are doing that they are naturally learning at the same time - whether that be role playing with their friends, enhancing fine motor skills playing games and building, new tactile experiences in the sand, balancing on the pool toys or strategically thinking while playing Super 4 or Hi-Tower.

Our site is also committed to advising what is good for your child on the inside - their body, good food and good nutrients for building strong cells and muscles to keep them growing strong and loving each day in a spectacular way with our outdoor play toys.

Time is Precious
As parents we know all too well that time is precious. There is always just one more thing to do, one more site to look up, one more bill to pay, one more trip to the shop to buy yet another birthday present......and the list goes on. While we can not pay your bills for you, do your grocery shopping or bake a cake for school, we can give you a plethora of outdoor play ideas for birthdays, Christmas and 'just because' days where you can easily buy outdoor play toys online,  and send on line to someone else if need be. Plus, we will have many outdoor play tips on health and wellbeing for you and your children, updated regularly.

What we offer
Aussie kids love the outdoors, and we have the most amazing country that provides wonderful weather to enjoy outdoor play, whether it be Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring. And even better, you will be thrilled with the options of outdoor play games to excite every child at various stages of their growth, with prices that are affordable for you. You may even want to join in and see if you can beat them at
Snakes and Ladders or or strategically remove a building block of the game Hi-Tower before they make it fall.....or jump like crazy on the trampoline until the coffee wears off!!! (you could do that while they are at school!!)  You'll love these outdoor play games!

This outdoor play site is not just for the kids......it is for families as well. Offering great outdoor play ideas where you can all 'play' outside - maybe our motto should be 'Healthy Families are Outdoor Families'!

  • loads of exciting outdoor play games for kids and families
  • outdoor play presents at affordable prices for birthdays, Christmas, 'congratulations'
  • immense outdoor play fun and activity for all ages and stages of growth


The last note on why we exist.....

Our children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friends and cousins are the future, and play, whether it be solitary play, role playing, creative play or team play is crucial for balanced development of fine motor skills, social interaction and coordination.

We are a company born out of the desire to see other families and children have incredible fun outside and love each new day in a spectacular way.  Fresh air, a little sun and the opportunity to express ideas and make noise certainly make for a kid's ideal play time.

LaughAndPlayOutdoors is dedicated to providing kids and parents with loads of fun ideas to play outside. Some may challenge, like Giant Chinese Checkers or building the High Tower. Some are just to jump on, release some energy and strengthen muscles.  For whatever the reason or the season you will find the right product at the right price.

We carry a diverse range of outdoor toys that cover giant board game classics, play houses, Australian made Activity Playhouses,  jumping castles and jumping play areastrampolines, play paddling pools, pool toys, sand pits, and remote control cars and planes.

When our children play and exercise, exude some energy and use their brains, they naturally want to eat (healthily of course), they sleep better and they are happier. PLUS there has been ground breaking research into the connection between exercise and the brain's performance that shows how even moderate exercise will supercharge mental circuits to beat stress, sharpen thinking and enhance memory.*  So while our kids are having fun and exercising outside, you and I are empowering them, (unwittingly) for the years of learning ahead.

We hope you enjoy the product range, helpful tips, recipes, nutritional ideas and links at LaughAndPlayOutdoors. And we hope you partner with us to encourage play and exercise outdoors, because Healthy Kids are Outdoor kids......and for that matter - Healthy Families are Outdoor Families!!

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*J. Ratey, MD

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