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Outdoor Climbers

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Giant Outdoor Games
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Get Knotted, TwisterGet Knotted, TwisterTwister favourite family & kids game. 2 or more players, 3x3m mat.
Giant Chinese CheckersGiant Chinese Checkers45 soft, 17cm high, 12cm across, cone-shaped nylon “pieces”, 15 each in red, yellow, and blue, durable 2m x 2m vinyl mat. Suitable to play 2-3 players on the hop-across version of Chinese checkers.
Giant DominosGiant DominosGiant Dominos tactical game. Each domino measures 13.5 x 7cm; 28 dominoes to a set.
Giant Pick Up SticksGiant Pick Up Sticks30 Giant wooden pick up sticks outdoor game
Giant Snakes and LaddersGiant Snakes and LaddersGiant Snakes & Ladders, a family & friends favourite. 3x3m mat.
Giant Tower, JengaGiant Tower, Jenga58 solid wooden blocks, builds from approx. 0.8 m at the start of the game to around 1.4m during play. Each block is 21 x 7 x 4.5cm.
Hi-Tower, JengaHi-Tower, JengaClassic fun - 58 solid wooden blocks, builds from approx. 0.9 m (3ft 6ins) at the start of the game to around 1.5m during play.
Mega 4Mega 4Mega Connect 4, fun for the whole family. 2 players, or 2 teams. 1.15m (H) x 1.22m (W) x 0.57m (D)
Mega Tower, JengaMega Tower, JengaLightweigt FUN: 58 solid wooden blocks, builds from approx. 0.75 m at the start of the game to around 1.2m during play.
Super 4Super 4Super Connect 4, fun tactical game for the whole family. 0.87m (H) x 1.15m (W) x 0.6m (D)
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