Outdoor Climbers

Outdoor Climbers

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Links for a healthier family & have your say on The Blog

Links for a healthier family & have your say on The Blog

Active Kidz

Active Kidz

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  Jump, Groove & Dance with Scott & Dimi from Active Kidz as they take you through exercise routines for a healthier you.



I love a bargain!

I love a bargain!

I love a bargain!

I am one is is very time poor. I rush from one thing to another. I never have time to finish reading instructions and generally skim read a recipe rather than take the time to capture every point necessary - somehow the recipe always turns out yummy, but one day it wont!

Shopping for nexeccitiy care items is one thing I do not enjoy - it is like food shopping and up there with bra shopping! So whenever I can buy on line I do. BUT more importantly, whenever I can buy on line at an amazing discount and with added benefits, like a giveaway or discount with subsequent orders, then I am right on board!

For these reasons I HIGHLY recommend StrawberryNet.com. I have been using StrawberryNET (Perfume, Cosmetics, Makeup, Skin Care, Fragrance) for many years. I have purchased skin care for myself and my hubby, make up and cosmetics. The available range of amazing products is fantastic. PLUS, I always get my order within 2-3 days and it comes with a little mauve bow wrapped around it! (nice touch!).

Last week I ordered an Orlane Skin Scrub and a hand serum by Dr Denese for a present. The scrub is beautiful, and I bought it at 55% off!

If you are time poor like me, love quality products and a bargain, you should check out StrawberryNET too - I know you won't be disappointed!



     When you get to their website you will see these juicy strawberries!





Oh - I forgot - and StrawberryNET SHIPPING IS FREE - anywhere in the world!

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