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Maxi Climber  - With 2 Stairs / Slides
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Deals ON! VULY2 Delivered straight to your door!

Deals ON! VULY2 Delivered straight to your door!

Vuly2 10ft Trampoline+Net & FREE Tent & LadderVuly2 10ft Trampoline+Net & FREE Tent & Ladder10ft with safety net = 3.05m Max wgt: 150kg
Vuly2 12ft Trampoline+Net & FREE Tent & LadderVuly2 12ft Trampoline+Net & FREE Tent & Ladder12ft with safety net = 3.65m Max wgt: 150kg
Maxi Climber  - With 2 Stairs / Slides
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Maxi Climber by Ampi Plastics / Young Ones

The POPULAR Maxi Climber is a fantastic way for your children to explore imaginative play with this HUGE activity centre!! The Maxi Climber is unbelievable value for years of play & fun!
  • The Maxi Climber is easy to assemble and disassemble, with no tools required. All the pieces slot together!
  • The slides flip to become stairs
  • PLUS: the top horizontal bar is a Sprinkler Spray Bar - attach a hose to the bar and you have a sprinkler water fun park - brilliant for summer!
  • Strong & Sturdy - reducing the risk of tipping over
  • Durable - it will last longer, with colour staying vibrant with a 4 year UV resistant rating
  • Please note: it is open play area between the right and left hand platforms above where the slides/stair connects to the frame
  • Suitable for ages 2+, or when crawling, to 8 weighing a maximum of 30kgs
Australian Made - by Ampi Plastics
  • Carton size: 138cm x 40cm x 86cm
  • Assembled size: 138cm x 355cm x 82xm
  • Gross weight: 28 kgs
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Options if you want to split the Maxi into 2 Result
You will need: 2 x Vertical Fork Panels + 2 x Corner Sets = 2 activity play sets
Add a Step / Slide to each new Vertical Fork Panel, you will need the above PLUS 2 x extra Step / Slides = 2 activity play sets with 4 x Step / Slides
or Add 1 x Step / Slide: You will need Line 1 PLUS 1 x extra Step / Slide = 2 activity play sets with a 'bridge' between them
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