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Vuly Test

Vuly Test

The Vuly Trampoline Test
This is a review about a fantastic home grown product designed in Australia for Australia and Australian conditions. It was created in Brisbane by a company called Vuly, formally Trampolines Australia. They are a premier trampoline manufacturer for the world, birthed here in Brisbane Australia.

We ventured off to Brisbane to the Vuly Head Office to discover what all the fuss was about and hopefully confirm what we thought - that this Vuly product was the next best thing on the market in the trampoline category.
So off we went to test drive their products and we were very impressed.

Not only is the Vuly brand made for the Australian climate it is also made to look after your body.

I watched our daughter and noted:

  • the bounce mat sprang back evenly, not sloppy or too hard
  • the structure of the trampoline was sturdy
  • the upright net that enclosed the jumping mat was very strong and stayed in place during play
  • she loved the game mat...loved it
  • she said it gave a 'much better' jump than the other trampolines

Of Course I had to have a go as did my husband. Without a doubt it's jumping mat and structure was far more superior to any other we had used.  We both noticed the even bounce rate, the lack of rebound in the mat and therefore the lack of back jarring.

Very important notes on this brand:

  1. the spring padding is nice and wide at 26cm, and double the thickness
  2. the spring padding is double sided green / blue - so you choose what colour is up
  3. the spring mat holds more weight than any other trampoline - up to 150kg
  4. flexible net rods
  5. the upright net enclosure is inside the springs, so very safe for little fingers
  6. the spring padding is UV resistant durobond and will last 2-4 years
  7. the padding is not porous, therefore the padding will not deteriorate
  8. the net has a a life of 1-2 years in normal use
  9. the entry / exit point is safe with a long sturdy zip door is strong to open and close
  10. the frame is Australian double -galvanized steel frame, strong square joints to reduce warping
  11. fun game mat
  12. Terylene Shoestring Safety Net is extremely strong and attaches effectively to the frame to isolate the springs - so there is no wearing on the net
Features Benefits
Australian Designed Longer lasting net
Longer lasting pads
Longer lasting jump ma
Printed Jump Mat Added play options
Create new games

Since that successful road trip, we have slowly been compiling videos and images to share the Vuly joy! we hope you enjoy them....

athletes 1000x532 from Vuly Trampolines on Vimeo.

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