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Outdoor Climbers

Outdoor Climbers

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Outdoor Climbers
Outdoor Activity Centres, Feber (Famosa), Ampi Plastics

Outdoor Activity Centres, Feber (Famosa), Ampi Plastics

Outdoor Activity Centres by Feber, Famosa and Ampi Plastics / Young Ones PlayGyms & Keter

Feber & Ampi Plastics make Outdoor Activiy Centres, Activity Parks, Slides & See Saws. Maxi Climber, Activity Climber, Activity Garage, PlayGym or Playhouse
Feber & Ampi Plastic Outdoor

Activity Centres / Parks, Slides & See Saws for Toddler, Preschool & Kindergarten age.
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Ideal for Home, Day Care, Preschool, Kindergarten

  • team play
  • balance
  • imaginative play
  • bright colours stimulate play
  • solitary play
  • role play
  • new tactile experiences
  • But most of all - outdoor activity centres encourage
    laughter & squeals of joy for hours and hours!

   Mr Gribbles  

There are 3 key outdoor activity preschool playground centre brands featured in this category: Feber·and Ampi Plastics and Keter.

  • Feber is the reputable brand from Spain known for their quality, stability and innovation.
  • Ampi Plastics, 100% Australian own and made (supporting local industry), strong, safe, durable, vibrant colours and interconnect.
  • Keter is imported from Israel - a lovely sturdy brand with moulded fetaures.
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