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Eco & Organic Educational Toys
Eco & Organic Soft & Wooden Educational Toys

Eco & Organic Soft & Wooden Educational Toys

Purchasing a gift that is Different - Beautiful - Educational - Organic and Eco Friendly in the area of toys is not that easyAnd if you have read my last article about searching for a great online personalised card site, where you go online and design, pay and have your card delivered to the recipient, then you will know that I was in the market for a couple of new born gifts.

I don't sell products for littlies or products for the indoors, so I searched for soft and wooden toys that complimented what we stand for and offered indoor educational toys for play time for toddlers through to school age.

I found the perfect site: Tree Frog Toys. Cute name and gorgeous products. Tree Frog Toys is an Australian online toy shop specialising in gorgeous wooden and educational toys for tots to tweens. Their toys encourage creative and imaginative play and are chosen for their appeal to children and play value, as well as for their quality.

I was in the market for 2 'new born' products - one for my new princess niece and one for a close friend's new born princess - and that is how I discovered Tree Frog Toys.

An overview on their site:

  • bambooed wallpaper background with a cheeky frog peeking out from the bamboo
  • easy navigation
  • just beautiful products
  • not overpriced
  • easy check out
  • delivered to anywhere I wanted it to to be delivered

So I went straight to 'Baby Toys' tab and found the perfect 'new born' gift   Organic Cotton Rabby RattleOrganic Cotton Rabby Rattle

Every baby loves something soft and warm to cuddle up to, and I thought this was very cute! So I ordered 2, to be gift wrapped and sent to my address. So when they arrive I will finish my review on their service and packaging.

Here's the cheeky frog you will see on the Tree Frog Toys website  

Check in again in the next couple of days! See you soon.....


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