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Beach or Park Party Games for 6 - 12 year olds

Frisbee, Garden Quoits, Beach Balls, Sack Races plus a few other games make for a fantastic Beach Party!

It's April, and the weather has just turned cooler. Nevertheless we still had a 7th Year Old Birthday Party to prepare for. 8 seven/eight year olds with endless energy, even after a day at school - what do you do with them?

Well, we took them to the beach to play games for just over an hour. We had fun, the kids had fun, and secretly I am hoping they are still talking about it.

Frisbee Tally Hoop Toss Target 
GameFirst game off the rank was Frisbee Tally Hoop Target Toss Game - a very long product name for a Frisbee game - but in short a lot of fun.


We decided to play the game with each child taking it in turns to throw the Frisbee into the net - which is harder than you think. We had them standing 7 feet from the net and tossing the Frisbee toward the net. If they got it in they then took a step back and tossed again. If they got it in they took another step back and tossed the Frisbee in....etc etc. When they missed the net it was then the next child's turn. The resulting winner is the child the furthest away from the net.

All the kids were clambering to have more and more turns, so Frisbee Tally Hoop Target Toss was a great hit.

You could  turn this game into a great team game. You could do it with 1 hoop, but the result would be better with 2 hoops a fair distance away from each other. Split the group in 2 and have one group heading one way toward one goal and the other group heading the other way toward the other goal. It is a great team game because it requires passing the Frisbee, aiming, getting goals and celebrating with each other.

Short Video

The second game we played was Garden Quoits - simple, effective and competitive - really brings out the winning streak in every child! This was fun because they not only had to aim, they had to add up and they quickly realised what numbers to aim for to get the highest number.

You are given 5 quoits to aim and throw onto the vertical poles, each pole represents a number - the centre giving you 25 points, the highest single score - get that every time then you have certainly won! The kids loved this game.

The third game we played was with one of the large beach ball. Anything big is great when you are a kid! So the idea was 'let's keep the ball in the air for as long as possible - whoever let's the ball drop to the ground is out.' Well, in all honesty this game did not go as planned BUT the kids giggled and laughed and had a tremendous time chasing the ball all over the place.

Following that game we had Sack Races! What party is not complete without Sack Races? That was hilarious. We divided the group into 2, one group in a line in the sacks, their partner opposite them a few metres away. The first line who were in the sacks jumped to their partner, swapped over and the partner jumped back to the start line - that was hilarious!

We ended the afternoon of beach games with a couple of games that didn't require equipment - the wheel barrow race and Red Rover.

It was a fantastic party - Frisbee Tally Hoop, Garden Quoits, large Beach Ball, Sack Races, wheel burrow race, Red Rover - could it have been any better?
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