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How Much is that Maxi Climber?
How much is that Maxi Climber?

How much is that Maxi Climber?

How Much is that Maxi Climber?

How Much is that Maxi Climber?

A cup of coffee per month!

What great value the Australian made Ampi Plastic / Young Ones brand of various activity climbers is. This outdoor kids play equipment by Ampi / Young Ones is sturdy, fade resistant and cheap!! Even the Maxi Climber, the biggest and best value.

"Cheap? Value for money?"  You say; "Absolutely!!" I say - "especially at the moment when it is on special at $299!" (June 2010)

'Value for Money' kids outdoor play equipment doesn't mean it is compromised in any way, and I am saying the Ampi Plastic / Young Ones Play brand is 'value for money' because when you pro-rata the cost over time it makes it affordable to anyone; even with a freight component in there. The beauty of Ampi Plastic / Young Ones brand outdoor kids play equipment is that you don't just buy it and it gets used once. You buy it and it gets used for 3-5 years, longer if you have more kids, and it gets used morning, noon and night. You do not have that luxury by going to a play centre and paying up to $15 per child at anytime of the day or night. And the cost makes it prohibitive to do it often.

Let's do the sums on the Maxi Climber by Ampi Plastics / Young Ones. The Maxi Climber is available at LaughAndPlayOutdoors and is $299 (ex freight). The Maxi Climber by Ampi Plastics, over a 3 year period for 1 child works out at $0.27per day! That is, the Maxi Climber costs you $8.19 per month! Pro-rata that over a longer period of 4 years, then the Maxi climber costs you $6.14 per month. Over 5 years, then the Maxi Climber costs you $4.91 per month.  What value that is. That is 1 large coffee per month.

If you then factor in 2 children using the Maxi Climber - halve the figures above, 3 children - divide by 3....etc. When you compare the cost of going to a play centre, the inconvenience of packing up the kids and food, making sure you have socks with you, and hoping and praying that they don't pick up the latest virus - isn't it easier to have your own Maxi Climber, let alone convenient for everyone? They can escape to their own 'house' or 'rocket ship' or 'shop' - wherever their imagination has taken them that day - at any time of the day. Outdoor kids play equipment in your own yard is really a wonderful answer for parents needing and wanting to keep their kids busy and playing. The Maxi Climber by Ampi Plastic / Young Ones is the best value in the market for hours of creative play and FUN.

I nearly forgot to mention the excellent fun dynamic of the Spray Bar. The Maxi Climber has a Spray Bar that acts like a sprinkler - you connect your hose to it and suddenly you have water park fun!
When it comes to freight, the Maxi Climber from Ampi Plastic / Young Ones is the largest outdoor kids play equipment in the range. To freight will cost on average between $40 & $160, depending on where it is being delivered in Australia. Once again, pro-rata the cost of freight for the Maxi Climber from Ampi Plastic / Young Ones, and it still works out to be tremendous value.

So the Maxi is it! The cost of a coffee per month for 5 years - Convenient - Sturdy - Safe - Clean - Fun!

Maxi Climber

Date: June 2010

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