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Outdoor Climbers

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Rules for Outdoor Games on Laugh And Play Outdoors

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Frisbee Tally Hoop Toss Target

Frisbee Tally Hoop Toss Target

Frisbee Tally Hoop Toss Target Game

There are a couple of ways to play this game with a group:

1. As 2 teams against each other - one warding off the other so a goal can not be made with the frisbee into the net. A great way to play this would be to have a net at opposite ends of a court or spaced out at a park or at the beach. Great team play for passing and working together.
2. Have a line up of kids/adults a number of feet away from the net. When / if the first person gets the frisbee into the net they then take a step back, throw again - if it gets in the net they take another step back etc...until they lose by missing the net. Then the next person has a go. The winner is the person the furthest away from the net.

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Frisbee Tally Hoop Target TossFrisbee Tally Hoop Target TossFrisbee throwing game
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