Outdoor Climbers

Outdoor Climbers

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Outdoor Party Games & Birthday Party Games for all ages

Outdoor Party Games & Birthday Party Games for all ages

Childrens Party Games, Outdoor Party Games, Toddler / Preschooler / School Age Outdoor Party Games, Birthday Party Games...

Whatever the reason for your outdoor party you can be the talk of the year amongst the kids, parents & family for hosting the 'funnest party ever'

Be innovative & smart with games & create obstacle courses.

Outdoor Party Games can take all forms and can involve a myriad of fun outdoor games for all ages. From Potato Sack races to Frisbee targets, we have the kids party games for your needs. Whether its a fun backyard BBQ or a Birthday Party, or a party in the park, your kids will have a blast with our party games. And so will the whole family!   You can use the games over and over again for years to come, and for multiple parties, so it makes each party very cost effective....what we all like!

Click Here to view outdoor obstacle course ideas and outdoor party game rotation ideas.

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3 Person Potato Sack3 Person Potato Sack
36" Belly Bumper36" Belly Bumper
48" Belly Bumper48" Belly Bumper
Frisbee Tally Hoop Toss TargetFrisbee Tally Hoop Toss Target
Garden QuoitsGarden Quoits
Get Knotted, TwisterGet Knotted, TwisterTwister favourite family & kids game. 2 or more players, 3x3m mat.
Giant Chinese CheckersGiant Chinese Checkers45 soft, 17cm high, 12cm across, cone-shaped nylon “pieces”, 15 each in red, yellow, and blue, durable 2m x 2m vinyl mat. Suitable to play 2-3 players on the hop-across version of Chinese checkers.
Giant Pick Up SticksGiant Pick Up Sticks30 Giant wooden pick up sticks outdoor game
Hopping Mad on HoppersHopping Mad on Hoppers
Lawn Croquet SetLawn Croquet Set
Monster Roll ChamberMonster Roll Chamber
On Target ParachuteOn Target Parachute
Premium Garden QuoitsPremium Garden Quoits
Sack RacesSack Races
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