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Personalised Cards
Fathers Day

Fathers Day

Fathers Day (4th September) always sneaks up on  me. I always find that I am pushed for time, have left everything to the last minute and then rush around the shops madly trying to put together a thoughtful present and card. My Father In Law lives 10 hours away, so I always have to allow for postage time as well (in all honesty, I just never get the timing right!).

However - this year I will! I can send a thoughtful, personalised card to him, and to my step-dad, from the comfort of my chair, and I can even arrange that it gets there just ahead of time!

Thas year Fathers day is on the 4th September, so if I sit, create, and pay for their cards by next Monday or Tuesday - the cards will arrive in plenty of time!

The site I use is MoonPig.

Real cards sent in the post from sydney - Personalised Fathers Day Cards from from only $5.95

Just brilliant!

Here is a sample of their Fathers Day Cards:

Fathers day Card  Fathers day Card  Fathers day Card  Fathers day Card


Check out Moonpig today: for REAL cards, sent in the post, from Sydney. ONLY $5.95


Personalised Greeting Cards

Personalised Greeting Cards

Today (5 July), I realized I had not sent my sister-in-law a card (or present) to celebrate our new niece coming into the world. Nor had I organized a card (or present) for one of my closest friends who has also just had a baby girl.

Where does the time go? Well, when it is school holidays, it seems to go faster, so I thought I would investigate the world of online cards to design and have sent for me a personalized card made just for them.

Brilliant!! I went online to a site called www.Moonpig.com.au

Funny name but easy and cool website to use! In less than 8 minutes I had created and sent 2 cards to different locations to be delivered by Australia Post. So right now they are being printed and will be sent by post tomorrow.

And to top it all off, personalized cards from Moonpig.com.au start from only $5.95!

Moonpig personalised card image


This is the front of the card I sent, personalized for my niece and my girlfriend's new bub. So cute!




So 8 mins vs getting in the car, going to the shops, browsing the isles of the newsagent or card shop for 20-30 mins and then coming home = 60-80 mins

Moonpig saved me time and money!  THANKS MOONPIG

If you are just as time poor as me, and love saving money, check out MoonPig.


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