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Outdoor Climbers

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Outdoor Play Houses
Feber PlayHouses, Cubby Houses, Castles & Cottages

Feber PlayHouses, Cubby Houses, Castles & Cottages

Feber PlayHouses, Cubby Houses, Play House, Castle & Outdoor Cottage -

The Feber Playhouses, Feber Cottages or Feber Castle ignites a Child's imagination they are built for their size.

The Feber Outdoor PlayHouses and Kids Playhouse Castles encourage:

* team play
* solitary play
* role play
* imaginative play
* new tactile experiences
* the bright colours stimulate play
* BUT MOST OF ALL - outdoor playhouses encourages laughter and squeals of joy for hours and hours!

From a haven to 'bake their own cakes', to 'selling ice-creams', playing 'postman' or simply being King and Queen for the day - these toddler playhouses and Castles will delight your children and their friends for hours.

From the Lovely House with Sound to the Garden House to the Feber Chalet to the Super Castle with Sound - a whole town could be created. Not to mention a Woodland Cottage to hide from the bears, who could be living in the Happy Bears House!

Attention IMAGINATION - time to go WILD!!!  You can't wrong with these outdoor playhouses.  Browse our complete outdoor playhouse line to find the perfect fit for your little imaginations.

Happy browsing and shopping!

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