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Outdoor Preschooler Birthday Party-Slides, Big Beach Balls..

Outdoor Preschooler Birthday Party-Slides, Big Beach Balls..

Big balls, slides, jumping castles and throwing games - all excellent ingredients for a fabulous outdoor birthday party of the year for your preschooler.
Where did the idea come from that it was acceptable to spend $300 or $400 on a preschooler's outdoor birthday party that only goes for 3 hours - then it's all over - money spent - the birthday party just becomes a memory. I believe a wise use of your money is to have the outdoor birthday party live on for a few years with products the kids can use over and over again. And for the outdoor birthday party, kids love obstacle courses. They will go round and round racing each other until they drop. Then you can feed them some nutritious food and drink and send them racing again on the obstacle course in reverse.

So here are the outdoor game ingredients as an example of how an outdoor birthday party for a preschooler may look:

Slippery Slides or slippery dips are a huge hit with preschoolers. There are different sizes available, the giggles will not stop
Big Beach Balls are the best fun. There are a few sizes available, and anything bigger than normal is excellent fun.
Jumping castles come in different sizes and shapes and you can never go wrong with a jumping castle as part of the course

So you have bought the outdoor games for the outdoor birthday party for your preschooler. Set up the slide, jumping castle, big beach ball and the throwing game in a huge circle. This is how the party could look:

1. OK everyone, let's divide you into 2 teams, Team Star (paint a star on their arms or forehead) and Team Indian (paint 2 Indian stripes on their arms or forehead)
2. Team Star line up at the slide, Team Indian line up at the jumping castle. Ready, set, go - Team Star climb the stairs & slide one at a time - do this 2-3 times, and Team Indian, 2 at a time jumping as high as you can 10 times - then the next 2.
3. When done run to the big beach ball with a team on either side of rope. Teams play volley ball against - hilarious fun because the ball is so big.
4. After 10-15 minutes of playing volley ball Team Star to the jumping Castle and Team Indian to the slippery slide - repeat step 2
5. When done teams line up in 2 lines at the Quoits or Frisbee game, whatever throwing game you have, and each team take it in turns to throw, keep score.
6. Back to the castle & slide, then switch.
7. Time out - food & drink
8. If you are running out of time, maybe just finish up with a game of volley ball with the giant beach ball or a throwing game.

The outdoor birthday party comes to an end and all the kids have enjoyed themselves, and your kids have some great outdoor games to continue to play with for years to come.

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