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Team Obstacle course & Rotation Birthday Party Games
Toddler Birthday Party- Jumping Castle, Slide & Big Balls

Toddler Birthday Party- Jumping Castle, Slide & Big Balls

Jumping Castles, Slides and Big Beach Balls are all excellent ingredients for a fabulous outdoor toddler birthday party. The toddler phase is such an amazing age. It is so wonderful to see a toddlers face when they experience something new or unusual or they show they can do so something for the first time. All skills are built from active and interactive play and it is so important to have a variety of experiences.

You don't need a lot of 'stuff' though with a toddler. They are fascinated with just a few unusual offers and will come back time and time again until they have mastered it.

Having order is not the high priority at an outdoor Toddler party - only having fun and working up a good appetite

So here are just some ideas for a simple Outdoor Obstacle course Toddler party:

  • Start with a Jumping Castle. You can't go wrong and really you could just stop there for the rest of the day. There would be outdoor play and laughter all day. You could also add some  Play Balls to 'play in' within a couple of the jumping castle options. Note though that the Jumping Playground comes with 50 Balls at no extra charge.
  • Add a Slide. What child doesn't LOVE a slippery dip slide?
  • Finish with a game of giant volley ball with one of our Big Beach Balls - probably the 65cm ball would be big and crazy enough to have loads of fun with.

So - here is how it could look:

Let's Jump in the castle and roll in the balls....ok, everyone lets race around the clothes line to the slide then back for some more jumping on the jumping castle. Who can find the red balls? Who can find the green balls?.....let's throw them all out of the castle and run to the slide again....OK time to see who can throw the most balls back into the castle. Now for the final fun let's get out the massive crazy beach ball and see how long we can keep it in the air.

You could run this over and over again or put them in small teams......either way the kids will love it, and the time will fly.

At the end you can sit them down for a picnic at a picnic table or on a rug and have a healthy lunch to recharges them all over again!

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