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Outdoor Trampoline Reviews
Trampoline reviews on Action, Vuly & SpringFree Trampolines

Trampoline reviews on Action, Vuly & SpringFree Trampolines

Trampoline Reviews

Trampoline Reviews

We have taken on the challenge to strip away the fear from the question - "which trampoline shall I buy?", by giving an honest and fair assessment of 3 trampoline brands tested by adults and children.

The 3 contestants are: Action / no brand trampolines  vs  Vuly Trampolines vs  SpringFree Trampolines 

The first is a trampoline readily available from Big W, Target and KMart. It comes in under a few brands but the most common is Action Trampolines.

I have to say that I have friends and family who have purchased these trampolines purely on price, not considering the quality of trampoline spring matting, trampoline entry and exit points, trampoline surround safety netting, trampoline bounce mat and size of the trampoline. It doesn't take much to understand why, post purchase a few months, they are unhappy with their purchase decision - but having laid out the money, and it is too late to ask for a refund, they put up with it in their backyard. My short video taken recently is not working for some reason - sorry.

I watched our daughter and then some of her cousins on this trampoline and felt very concerned for the following reasons:

  • the trampoline structure moved way too much to allow safe play - it is not sturdy or safe
  • the bounce mat allows way too much movement resulting in too much movement while bouncing and playing with a friend. If 2 friends are not in sync while bouncing, the mat is too loose to correct the bounce and could lead to joint jarring and accidents
  • The structure of the trampoline moved A LOT!! You could see it, you could hear it - that alone yells - "NOT SAFE!!!"

I had a go on the trampoline too and got off pretty quickly - the jarring effect from my neck down was evident straight away.

Points to note about this brand and generic products:

  1. The mats over the springs are not UV protected or solid fabric structure. The fabric is porous and therefore allows moisture and UV through to the foam inside. The fabric and foam then break down very quickly.
  2. The mats move way too easily, allowing access by little fingers.
  3. The mats are thin.
  4. The nets do not have a safe entry/exit point. The net is overlapped leaving an opening to crawl in and out of - a very unsafe trip hazard; which did happen while I was assessing the trampoline in the video above.
  5. The nets are made from a standard nylon, which is not sturdy or long lasting.
  6. The net is not laced onto the springs in many areas, thereby allowing the issue of little fingers getting stuck in the springs.
  7. The polystyrene covers down the external vertical poles deteriorate extremely quickly, exposing the metal, rusting poles and the nut/bolt system holding it up on the leg
    Features Benefits
    Sorry - nil

    priced well for entry into the 'will the kids use it?' market

    affordable for most families

    In summary - you get what you pay for, and when a body is involved - you should pay decent money to help protect it for the duration of life.

    The Second review is about a fantastic home grown product designed in Australia for Australia and Australian conditions. It was created in Brisbane by a company called Vuly, formally Trampolines Australia. They are a premier trampoline manufacturer for the world, birthed here in Brisbane Australia.

    Not only is the Vuly brand made for the Australian climate it is also made to look after your body. We visited Vuly earlier this year to test drive their products and were very impressed.

    I watched our daughter and noted:

    • the bounce mat sprang back evenly, not sloppy or too hard
    • the structure of the trampoline was sturdy
    • the upright net that enclosed the jumping mat was very strong and stayed in place during play
    • she loved the game mat...loved it
    • she said it gave a 'much better' jump than the other trampolines

    Of Course I had to have a go as did my husband. Without a doubt it's jumping mat and structure was far more superior to any other we had used.  We both noticed the even bounce rate, the lack of rebound in the mat and therefore the lack of back jarring.

    Very important notes on this brand:

    1. the spring padding is nice and wide at 26cm, and double the thickness
    2. the spring padding is double sided green / blue - so you choose what colour is up
    3. the spring mat holds more weight than any other trampoline - up to 150kg
    4. flexible net rods
    5. the upright net enclosure is inside the springs, so very safe for little fingers
    6. the spring padding is UV resistant durobond and will last 2-4 years
    7. the padding is not porous, therefore the padding will not deteriorate
    8. the net has a a life of 1-2 years in normal use
    9. the entry / exit point is safe with a long sturdy zip door is strong to open and close
    10. the frame is Australian double -galvanized steel frame, strong square joints to reduce warping
    11. fun game mat
    12. Terylene Shoestring Safety Net is extremely strong and attaches effectively to the frame to isolate the springs - so there is no wearing on the net
    Features Benefits
    Australian Designed Longer lasting net
    Longer lasting pads
    Longer lasting jump ma
    Printed Jump Mat Added play options
    Create new games

    TO view more product, go to our Outdoor Trampolines page.

    Vuly - Trampolines Australia Review

    Vuly - Trampolines Australia Review

    The Third review is about a well known product called Springfree Trampolines.
    I qualify writing about the Springfree trampoline because we had one in our backyard for 18 months, our friends lent us their Springfree while they went overseas.
    Springfree have a nice product, very well marketed, BUT VERY EXPENSIVE. Do the features of the product justify the expense? Check out the price comparison charts.

    After having tested the Vuly, we could make direct comparisons, and educated statements about the Springfree from experience.
    • the bounce mat is a little sloppy
    • the structure of the trampoline was sturdy
    • the upright net that enclosed the jumping mat was strong and stayed in place during play
    • you can't jump really high
    • there is a skewing of your back when you jump, ie the entire surface rotates each time the user hits the mat
      • You don't notice it all the time, or maybe at all, but a friend tried it and said she wouldn't get on again.
      • If you land incorrectly, the rebound bounce can do damage. As another friend experienced

    Some notes on this brand:
    1. the jump mat only holds up to 100kg
    2. no springs
    3. flexible net rods, safe for falling onto
    4. strong net to catch you when you fall
    5. the entry / exit point is safe with a long sturdy zip door is strong to open and close

    Features                   Benefits
    No springs                   No jamming fingers in the springs
    Structure is sturdy                   Feels safe

    This is an important video to watch - only 1.36sec, created by an independent group called Trampoline Safety.

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