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Vuly Trampoline Reviews
Vuly Trampoline Test

Vuly Trampoline Test

My family and I went and tested the Vuly product and were very impressed. This is our story. Vuly is 

  • a fantstic home grown product designed in Australia for Australia and Australian conditions.
  • It was created in Brisbane by a company called Vuly, formally Trampolines Australia.
  • They are a premier trampoline manufacturer for the world, birthed here in Brisbane Australia.
    Not only is the Vuly brand made for the Australian climate it is also made to look after your body.
    As I watched our daughter jump around and play on the Vuly trampoline, I noted:
  • the bounce mat sprang back evenly, not sloppy or too hard
  • the structure of the trampoline was sturdy
  • the upright net that enclosed the jumping mat was very strong and stayed in place during play
  • she loved the game mat...loved it
  • she said it gave a 'much better' jump than the other trampolines
  • much higher jump than on other trampolines

Of Course I had to have a go as did my husband. Without a doubt it's jumping mat and structure was far more supierior to any other we had used.  We both noticed the even bounce rate, the lack of rebound in the mat and therefore the lack of back jarring.

Very important notes on this brand:

  1. the spring padding is nice and wide at 26cm, and double the thickness
  2. the spring padding is double sided green / blue - so you choose what colour is up
  3. the spring mat holds more weight than any other trampoline - up to 150kg
  4. the upright net enclosure is inside the springs, so very safe for little fingures
  5. the spring padding is UV resistent durobond and will last 2-4 years
  6. the paddings is not pourous, therefore the padding wil not deteriorate
  7. the net has a a life of 1-2 years in normal use
  8. the entry / exit point is safe with a long sturdy zip door is strong to open and close
  9. the frame is Australian double -galvanized steel frame, strong square joints to reduce warping
  10. fun game mat
  11. Terylene Shoestring Safety Net is extremely strong and attaches effectively to the frame to isolate the springs - so there is no wearing on the net



Australian designed

Longer lasting net
Longer lasting pads
Longer lasting jump mat

Printed Jump Mat

Added play options
Create new games

BasketBall Hoop

Extended play options
Eye/hand co-ordination
Full body co-ordination


Create a cubby house
Sun protection while playing
Sleep out in summer

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Vuly Trampoline Testimonials

Vuly Trampoline Testimonials

#1Customer: Nicki, Northbridge #2 Customer: Gabriella, Cromer #3 Customer: Alison, Dee Why
Were you pleased with the customer
service from Vuly?
Yes Yes  (bougt 2nd hand)
Was delivery made on time? Yes Yes  
Any comments about Vuly?

GREAT SERVICE, next day delivery, easy to deal with,

they even reminded me to make sure delivery could be made without the
children seeing it (for Christmas )

What size trampoline did you purchase? 8ft 12ft 10ft
Are you happy with the size or would have preferred a larger / smaller one? fine size is fine. Perfect size for 2 toddlers & 2 adults (generally not all at once though!)
If happy with the size you chose,
are you pleased with the quality & how would you rate it out of 10?

10/10. Wearing well with constant use by the seaside



The quality has been fabulous.  My twins are approaching 2 and are having a blast running
around the trampoline and bouncing off the netting.

The netting doesn't scratch their faces or any bare skin despite how hard they crash.
And their bodies are well clear of any nasty spring pinches. 

The trampoline also allows us "grown-up" kids to have a bounce either with the bubs or on our own for a bit of extra fitness.

Are you feeling that it is a ‘safe’ product? yes YES. I purchased it for safety features. I have complete peace of mind at all times with the safety of the product.
Did you find assembly difficult? Did you use the video or book to assemble? no, used both We used the video, it took about 1.5 hrs

I found assembly to be quite easy and followed the video on my phone.

More importantly, what do the kids think? THEY LOVE IT
 - Are they loving their trampoline play time? yes It is used every day! Having a fantastic time. It's been great filled with balls to replace a ballpit.
 - Are they loving the games they play on it? yes YES. Great to see them developing physical skills and laughing and playing outdoors : )  
 - Did you get the Tent with the trampoline? yes YES Yes
    - If so – have you used it? once, a little tricky to get on Yes Not yet, but am looking forward to when they are old enough to enjoy it
    - Do the kids love it? yes Yes  
    - Have you used it for a sleep out? no, not sure completely waterproof,
maybe in summer
Would you  (or have you) recommend this brand to friends? yes Yes I have recommended this brand
Any Additional comments? One of the attachment hooks was broken, they couriered a few extra ones the next day. Good service!  

I did a lot of research into trampolines and am completely happy with my purchase. 
It is a very reasonable price for a superior piece of equipment that provides hours of fun and physical activity for everyone.

Vuly YouTube Grab

Vuly YouTube Grab

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